Spring Shelter-in-Place – Garden Tales, 3/21/2020

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These are odd times we living now. In California we are all under a shelter-in-place order with the spread of COVID-19 spreading around. One bright side of this crisis for bonsai folks is the change to stay home and play with trees more than normal. We and they are a captive audience. The weather here has gone cool and misty again. Trees have been cranking out a lot of aggressive Springtime growth. Many trees have too much moss on them again and require cleanup. Dead material from the winter also needs cleaned up or removed. This is rotation time as well to get the best sun exposure for new growth.

Pictured here are some cleaned up beauties that just cried out for attention.

Brutt-Davii, Ficus just starting to grow stronger after winter
Potentilla, Re-potted this winter is now pushing strong new growth. Love this new container.
Porcelain Berry 2020
Western fig, Re-potted early Spring in new container by Sandy V.
Bunjin Ivy, small leaf. This tree strengthened during Winter and need cut back and thinned out to allow new Spring growth.
Privit, just re-potted after being restyled last summer in a Shohin training session. This moved from a long shallow pot to this little stubby one. It will require yearly re-potting now.
Serissa, Stink Tree, exposed root is developing nicely. Its owner (DM) has this tree as his first tropical tree of his collection. DM was presented a blossom for the first time this year.
Shohin Japanese Black pine re-potted in late January is pushing lovely small candles now. This is a new pot for this tree as well.
Tropical banyan ficus. Could not resist showing off this lovely tree. I expect it will grown in this this new pot this year as a semi-cascade.
Boston Ivy, re-potted in late January and now pushing those beautiful red leaves.
Japanese Black Pine, settling in nicely now. New candles are starting to push. Look for this to become the top of the Shohin display very soon.

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