June Tropical Work

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This morning I awoke and had my mind set on re-potting some of my tropical trees in new pots that I acquired from auctions this year. A few of the pots were made by Iana Glushach. I love her style of pot and I have been working to collect a select few from the Facebook. I prepared most of my new pots the night before with screen and wire. Always good to take the before and after images. You will see a below a Ficus Microcarpa, a grafted Green island. The the morning sun hit the trees and while it was still somewhat temperate outside the work began.

The new pots I chose were to accent the form of the tree or allow more root space to strengthen the tree. I usually repot these trees every year or every other because they are aggressive root growers. This past few years all my tropical trees have been in the strengthen stage. Before re-potting I clean out the foliage and removed shoots or overly heavy branches. The Microcarpa on the right above, grew very full and since these are to be shohin size (8-10″) trees I need to ensure the apically dominate trees did not get branches at the top that were too heavy for the rest of the tree.

This is the Microcarpa in the new designer pot by Iana. The broken pot texture and angle of the pot allows the ficus to tilt to the right and creates a better leading branch for the tree.
The grafted Green Island ficus has been greatly reduced. It is now in an Iana pot which was actually larger that the previous pot. This will allow for better growth this year and more root development.
This is a willow leaf ficus moved to a red pot I acquired from a club auction earlier this year. I wanted it to be in a more colorful pot to catch the red in the tree itself. I moved from a blue pot. Even though this pot is smaller it is actually deeper for better root growth.

The rest of the trees the gallery below are updates from trees I work on last summer.

The collection of 2021. This is only part of the garden but I love the colors.

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