Not a Typical Year – a Lost Summer

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This past year has been challenging: bonsai Interrupted and entire growing season lost, bonsai trees dying inside the apartment during the construction project, construction on the exterior of the apartment was/is horribly managed by property owners, personal physical issues that has kept me from doing many regular activities, painting spaces lost due to material being brought inside the living area.

The bonsai have now moved back outside and the garden rebuilt. The construction never really happen on my specific unit. Some of the larger material moved off-site to one of my teacher’s homes. The smaller material staid with me. I lost a very valuable shohin black pine. Other trees suffered from mold, fungus, and general weakness from the lack of light, air, and water. We had moved stands inside, took over the dinning room table and moved a work table inside to keep the trees safe. We would take them outside of watering, leave them to drain, and bring them back inside.

Shohin Japanese Black Pine (dead)

When everything suffers; art, bonsai, physical health, and work, the year spiraled downhill. I think we have it but on the way to recovery though. Trees have shown signs of new growth. Nothing was repotted so next year is going to be fun. Leggy growth will have to be cut off and restarted. My watercolor painting space has been restored and now I just need to feel inspired and healthy to work.

Above you will trees trees inside the apartment, an Ivy that almost lost all it color, a ficus that fell and broken – now redesigned, ficus that is week from lack of growing season sun, a quick watercolor painting done on a tea-table inside when there was no space, and finally, the garden restored to its normal location in the sun.

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