Bonsai Projects

I have about 35 trees in my collection that range from beginner training to 40+ years of training. I began working with bonsai using tropical trees such as Ficus that could be brought indoors when I lived on the East Coast. Since moving to California I have recreated my collection and added a wide variety of species. The types of trees I most enjoy are Olive, Boxwood, Ficus, Juniper of various types, and more recently black pines.

The Garden view Summer 2018

The collection has expanded to about 35 trees. Living in Santa Clara, CA provides an interesting environment to experiment on some species while perfecting the standards. In 2016, water quality became a serious issue causing stress on many of trees. In 2017, we end the drought with lots of rain. That has caused some issues but since I did most of my re-potting last year the trees were able to shed excess water and avoid rot. Now I am working to enhance foliage of many of the trees, letting them grow so they can be styled again later in the year.

Update: 4/28/2018 Sharing some glamour shots from a recent show

Creep fig with figs. This is an unusual presentation of a species that normally low growing creeper.
Sierra Juniper, in training 11 years now in 2018, originally proposed style by Master Mitsuya of Japan.
Boston Ivy shohin


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