The Great Chinese Quince Makeover

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I have been fussing with this Chinese Quince for about 5 years now already and I have fixed many problems with its base and now concentrating on the top. I had structure wire on this tree for the second time; this time for over a year and I learned how to do it so it would not cut in. I just removed that wire today. My effort was to extend branches out and a bit down; this is a battle with the tree because it really wants to grow strong and straight up. However, I did managed to thicken up some of the branches and get some back budding. That back budding allows me now to reduce the length of the branches and start over again for a less course growth. In the coming year will be be pinching like crazy on this tree to create finer branches. It grows so strong that I will be pinching every week while after the Spring blow out. I will let it burn off all that excess energy and then go at it constantly. My leaf reduction was beautiful this year as well. It is important to get rid of those large solar panel in favor of many smaller ones.  Another battle with this tree is the strong apexes. I have once again reduced those three dueling tops. Next year I must keep them all week except for the the true front apex.

Chinese Quince, Fall 2018 before cut back
Chinese Quince, Fall 2018 after cut back

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