August Updates

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I have been working on many tropical trees this summer and learning some key lessons about up-potting trees in the summer. Several trees in the both personal collection and client collections were suffering greatly in the heat. Some of those issues were caused due to not being able to transplant in the correct season this year due to COVID restrictions. Liquid amber defoliated and up-potted saved it life and I will be posting images soon. Boxwood in a client collection needed re-potting as well; roots had filled the pot. The up-potting went very well and the tree is greening up again.

Closer to home, several trees we are experimenting with began suffering. One was a smoke tree that had unexpected filled to pot and stopped growing. I had a juniper that was losing an entire side due to an compromised water line. Summer up-potting can be done if after care is taken seriously and managed.

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