Photography Projects

I have been working with a camera since the 80’s when I became an official photographer for the Berea College paper, yearbook, and campus PR. I learned the use of the darkroom and developed my own film and processed my own images. I have competed in several intercollegiate photo competitions and was a winner in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association for sports photography, for graphic layout and design, as well as special interest layouts for the college year book. It took me some time to move into digital photography but I made that leap staying with my trusted Nikon cameras.

Today I still work on composition in photograph and do not consider myself as a snap shot type of photographer; rather I am often using the camera to augment my painting compositions, looking for contrast, color, depth and drama in my photos. The camera has greatly assisted by work on Bonsai in that doing formal tree photography I can quickly see where new design possibilities exist on for the trees.


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