Something About That Pot!


In February, at an auction in Oakland, CA I bid on a tree near the end of the auction. It was not that interesting of a tree mind you but the pot was a completely different story. When at an auction it is important to look at all aspects of the item up for bid. I have seen many uninspiring trees go for very little money only to find the vessel it was in was spectacular and a boon for the owner. So be sure to look under the pot. You may find a surprise.  When I started bidding on the Japanese Contorted Quince, I had wanted one, but I had looked at the pot before bidding began. Wow, Nice pot, a signature pot made in Northern Japan, not just a stamp but the makers signature. So bidding started slowly but began to pick up steam as those who knew what they were going to get started bidding. Finally there was only two of us bidding and I was insistent and landed.






The quince move on to another pot in the Spring and the pot now has a new occupant; a little Silverberry I have been working of way to many years.








These next images are of kusamono, accent plants I made and used for a recent show. It is hard to keep them in my high heat bad water area but they are doing very well right now and I share those with you.


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