March in The Private Reserve

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It is already March 2022 and the temperatures have once again been all over the place. Some trees are now in full Spring push mode, leaves and blossoms abound. Some repotting tasks still remain but night time temps in the upper 30s has slowed that some.

First up is the new Buckeye to the collection. It is having its first Spring here. I have already cut this back because you have a very limited time to create branches on this species. It is the earlies to leaf and the first to go dormant. Cutting back in the early Spring allows for a second flush and branch formation.

Next up are other new trees to the collection. From the BGLM Auction event cam this Willow Leaf Ficus Shohin. It has great promise. It was planted in a pimple pot that way too small for the tree and it had very few roots. In this new temporary pot it can recover and develop. Second is an Ivy from and estate gift. It was planted in a moon pot that was just not draining well and the tree not developing branches. Now it is in this grow pot to allow it to recover.

A few other trees of interest: My Pearl Berry estate tree gets new pot. It was just not getting strong enough growth in it much smaller pot. Time to let it flourish for awhile. Second is my Austrian Black pine that is recovering from years of limited maintenance at its previous owner. This is the second year in this larger pot and now I am beginning the show pot hunt. Lastly, my Chinese Quince blooms this year; not a yearly thing because the weather is often not cold enough in the Winter for it to rest.

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