Is It September Already


Fall is pushing in on the garden these days but we, here in northern California, are in the throws of a heat wave. Back into the 90’s we go.  Some trees are still thriving like crazy this time of year while others have slowed down considerably.   So what I have been doing for the past few months. Working a great number of trees. Some for clients and many for myself.  So here will be a lot of captioned images to tell some of the story while I work on a longer California Juniper project.

Re-potting an olive stump. This one was a bit beleaguered so I have don a re-pot to help bring it back and create a new foliage mass.
Schefflera after massive cut back. Still getting that trunk fatter.
Reworking this little ficus to get more ramification.
Working on a client ficus. This one will need considerable branch work next spring but it is ready for the cooler months now.
Observing air roots on the Brutt-Davii.
Me working on a very old Kingsville Boxwood at the Oakland Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt.
A shohin redesign in a class at the BGLM this weekend. Simplifying the tree structure by cutting off a second heavy trunk to create a new version of this for the future.
The remodeled shohin privit now has a more graceful and tapered design. New angle for a new pot as well. The new pot will be half the size of the current one.



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