Last August Collection Cleanup

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I am in the process of cleaning up the collection for the Fall. Summer light is fading fast and many of the trees are tired. Tropical trees get their final pruning and all my cuttings need to be potted.

Potting many of my cuttings. Several different pots were created.

My biggest effort was finishing the work on the Tiger Bark ficus that I call my demo tree. That is what it was purchased for but it is a tree fast becoming a favorite.

Tiger Bark Ficus after final cutback

Burtt-davii semi-cascade? Yes it is.

I also received a new ficus burtt-davii as a gift for work done on a collection. It is a unique styling and needed a much better pot. I re-potted today in a Jim Barrett pot, trimmed back and treated it for scale.

Collection review in progress

We are always reviewing the collection and making choices on what to keep for the long term. Some trees are marked for sale or trade as we make room for particular new species.

I had a great time doing a club Zoom meeting where I got to work on a large array of tropical species. I made it through quite a few trees. Zoom meetings has become the norm right now and always fun to get the club together.

SBBK demo on Tropical Trees

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