A Special Honor – Golden Statements Magazine Cover


There are times in life that the stars align and things just fall in place.  This month, I received a special honor. The honor is being give the cover tree for digital bonsai magazine. Golden Statement is California premier bonsai magazine produced by GSBF (Golden State Bonsai Federation). It has been in print for decades but recently move to digital production only. Golden Statements tries to capture images, stories, and article that is representative of the California clubs in the association.

This Fall issue aligned to see a considerable amount of my work represented. I am truly honored to be a contributor to the magazine for many years but this time both in photography and the author of Nebari-Net. This issue has my Diamyo Oak as the cover tree. It is a great tree and has a fantastic story to it. Grown from an acorn carried back from Japan and planted in 1960 to become this spectacular  59 year old tree. This issue also show my photography of the SBBK show. We are still working on the hardware for that kind of event. After this photo shoot, I went out and purchased a new camera and tripod.  I have in this issue trees and stones from the California Shohin show, the first year I have every put my that class of tress on display. Special thanks to Kathy Shaner for helping me put it together and teaching me along the way. To finish the contribution to GS was my standard article where in I discovered a great book by Jerry Meislik, who has inspired me to continue doing tropical bonsai in California.

I hope you get a chance to read the issue of Gold Statements and subscribe to it.  The link to his issue is provided here.

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