What a WET California Winter 2023

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I am seemingly off my bonsai game this year. With all the rain we have gotten since the last week of December 2022, much of my repotting has had to halt. I should be repotting pines right now but they soils are too wet. With this amount of rain, the soils become beaten down and will crumble a the slightest touch.

Many of the larger trees are propped up with boards or pots to allow water to drain. Hopefully this will help keep root rot away. I propped a bougainvillea up last week and water just poured out of the soil. It is important to remember to tilt a pot to the other side after a week so that water can drain from the root system evenly.

Now in January 2023, the freeze suddenly returned as the rain went away for a bit. I moved many of the tropical trees under cover to protect them and the bougainvillea have come inside. After things dry out a bit I will have to catch up with work.

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