It is Almost Christmas 2021


As Christmas approaches, the rains have come to California in force. It has not rained so much in years here and we are starting to make up ground in the drought. The bonsai love it. I see buds setting on so many different species; that is a little disconcerting, as the coldest time of year is yet to come. The temperatures have been mild for the most part. Only a few nights have gotten into the mid 30s. I have brought inside my Mendocino Cypress as a holiday tree this year and adorned with minimal lights; just enough to give some cheer. Outside the trees are lush. Here are a few of my favorite right now. On the left is my Sierra Juniper looking delicate and stately in the rain. On the right is my Chinese quince that is barely holding onto Fall color. Hope you enjoy a great holiday or a time of peace.

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