May 2020 Garden Update

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We are still in the shelter-in-place orders for a bit longer in California. This season, more time has been given to my collection than in previous years; the trees are wanting me to return to office work so I stop putzing with them on a daily basis. This time gave me the opportunity to see trees develop throughout the Spring. Warmer temperatures are coming so there is cleanup needed on the tropical trees finally. I have a few that have not awaken yet. Removing old leaves, fruit, old blossoms, and general health checks are needed before the standard 80-90 degree days start. I am also getting a little workout doing the tree rotation dance, moving then around the benches to get as much of this sun as possible.

The scheflera is developing a nicer trunk its grow pot. It has been growing slowly throughout the winter and now needs to be cleaned up, allowing light and air better penetration. I removed wire that had been on all winter. 

My Brutt-Davii (pictured above) was laden with figs. Leaving all that fruit on the tree is not good for the development of branches so I removed almost all of them, cleaned up branches and put it in full sun.  It had a significant height reduction last summer.

I have a little semi-cascade banyan ficus in the works. I removed most of the hardened leathery leaves to open it up for more development.

Now I have lots of material for new cuttings. That is always fun. Anytime I cut heavier branch material they are off the the water to root in the next month or so.

The following trees have transformed this past year. The Peruvian Rain Tree and the Mendocino Cypress are show off this Spring.

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