Boxwood Revisited and Refined

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Last year I posted an article on boxwood care and ramification. It is time to revisit that tree and see how it developed. The tree has grown steadily and untouched since last summer. This was to allow for branch thickening and new buds to be created on the interior of the tree. That results is exactly what was achieved.

Considerable branch thicken can be seen in the image taken today. By clearing 75% of the foliage, being sure to always leave 2/4 leaves on each branch, the tree was able to create massive internal growth. Here is the before clean up and current state of the tree:

The boxwood before cleanup this year. The tree has grown freely since last summer.
The boxwood before cleanup this year. The tree has grown freely since last summer.
The boxwood after extensive clean up today.

My goal today was to select only the branches to go forward in development. All of the remaining branches will be wired in the coming month. I wanted to deal with all the bar-branch conditions which are so typical on a boxwood. I selected on the branches going in the direction I wanted them to go for the design. I removed excess foliage everywhere to allow light inside the tree. This is good for health but also for purposes of wiring every branch with the goal of creating an oak-style silhouette.

The trunk like of this tree is very fine and has developed a nice flare.

Trunk is being to show a muscular deveopment
This view is taken after clearing all the interior leaves. It took several hours just to cleanup the foliage to this point. The next step was to select each branch and refine it.

I will post an update again once I get it all wired. That takes considerable time to complete.

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