Winter Demands Seasonal Tree Attention

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The day after Thanksgiving here and taking time do some house keeping and preparation. The tree benches all need rearranged for winter. Trees going dormant move down and trees needing continued winter sun and cold hardy move up. I always do this in stages.

Rearranging trees for sun and cold hardy protection in process. Dormant trees move down and trees needing more protection go closer to the ground.

Pulled trees before the rain starts for re-potting. These candidates will be given new pots or new orientations based on critiques. They will be carefully watched throughout the winter and protected from freezing temperatures.






Candidates for re-potting pulled out of the rain.

Since our temperatures last night went down to 34 degrees, people have asked about the tropical trees. They began their season dance of in and out movement. In for the cold night. The rest of the week, the evening temperatures are around 51 degrees so they will move back outside tomorrow.  Weather stations must be primed and monitored every day now for the next few months.

Tropical trees will move in and out during the winter. They will go back outside when night time temps are above 40 degrees. Soil temperatures will stay above 50 that way.






Looking forward to re-potting this Potentilla in the Spring. I have a nice new red pot for it.

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