Sierra Juniper Gets the Master’s Final Instruction

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The Sierra Juniper was re-potted to the new pot as Master Mitsuya had desired. He wanted this tree to move to a more feminine pot and I compromised on a rustic feminine pot. This one is artisan crafted special edition and give the tree a very delicate look as he had seen it to need.

First images document the pot, pot prep










Once I removed the sierra juniper from the pot I observed its typical issues. After all these years it still had a limited amount of roots. All the roots on this tree are fine roots. I have work out all the larger one ones over the years. My quest today was to not remove many roots. I only got rid of broken ones and remove the old soil carefully from the root mass. This should keep the tree from any shock.







Placement in the new pot was not an easy process. I needed to assess the position off-center in the pot to create the height proportions I needed. Then working carefully with wire, chopsticks, and soil to get the upright direction set.

Placing the tree off-center, moved trunk to the left side with first branches coming over the right corner.












Final image of the tree after work completion for the day.

Final position in new pot


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