A Not So Ordinary January Day

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Since the USA government experienced a closure I used the time to visit a client and work on some trees. I had seen that many had become over grown during the Fall last year. I started working on the pines. Two pines here. One with a lovely movement and the other a bit chunky. The Black Pine with the great movement like to grow very dense bud areas, we wish all our pines had this problem. But eventually the material is just too dense. It was clean up time to allow the sun on those new buds.

Client Tree: Black Pine. After cleanup. I love the movement in this tree. It will re-pot at a new angle soon.
Client Tree: Black Pine. Before cleanup. This tree like to grow thick dense needle groups.










The next Black Pine is distressed and has been since it came up to northern CA 7 years ago. I have been slowly re-potting the tree since the root mass was hard as a rock when it arrived. This is a slow process of removing areas of old soil and year after year moving to a different area to work. I also think the pot is too small but I will work another area of roots and keep it in this container for now. The entire top of the tree needs to be redesigned.

Client Tree: Black Pine. Weaker than it should be, it is scheduled to re-pot soon.
Client Tree: Black Pine. Before cleanup. This tree so needs a redesign.









My lovely friend, the shimpaku prior cascade was also over grown. It was time to clean it up and work on ramification of branches. It is looking lovely. Hard to believe it was once a cascade.

Client Shimpaku. Posted a pic of this tree over grown. It is cleaned up now with a domed top. This used to be a cascade years ago.










The Liquid Amber group came north later than the others and it had already suffered. It has spent the last two years growing. This year, I wanted to start working on some branch formation and setting a new apex. This tree has lovely leaves in the summer and fall. It is a labor of love to rework this one.


Client Tree: Liquid Amber – recovering from acclimatized shock. Lost a central core of the group. It has been rebuilding for a few years. – Before trim back.

Client Tree: Liquid Amber – recovering from acclimatized shock. After cleanup. It has a long way to go.

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