2017 Spring Cleaning

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Today was the perfect day to clean up the garden, shed winter, and prepare trees for the sunny part of the day. Everything was moved, cleaned of weeds and debris, rotated and staged for placements. The weed base under the stands had to be sprayed with weed killer this week. I had a runaway accent plant that turns out to be super invasive. That was pulled last year and sprayed but it came back with a passion. Trees were all moved and the weed base was sprayed. I look forward to controlling that mess. That same weed likes to spread to the trees too, so those had to be taken out by the roots from the pots.

Once the area was sprayed, the trees were rearranged for summer light. Some trees can take the hot direct sun while others must be now sheltered. Trees like Sierra Junipers, Shimpaku, and similar species must be placed in cooler shadier areas of the patio and will be pulled back out of the daily roast later in the year. Pines, olives, oaks and tropical trees can take the hotter temperatures and will get strong in the direct sun.

Tropical, shohin, and oaks to get long periods of direct sun.
This table gets early light and then shades down in the afternoon. Later in the summer it will get at least 5 hours of intense sun. Mame, shohin, tropical, and recently repotted items are staged here.
The garden view features, Chinese Quince, boxwood, olives Sierra Juniper, Black Pine, Junipers, cedar. One thing I always like is a mix of textures in my trees.
My other extended sun table features, Pepper Tree, juniper, palm accent, cedars, shohin silverberry, and more.


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