Winter Rain in California

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This is one of those precious days in northern California when the rain just keeps coming down. The trees are getting their water, cleaning, and flushing for the next few days. It is also good that this is tropical moisture and the temperatures are not that cold. So, in this area, we say bring it on. One important note though it is remember to check the trees and ensure they are draining. Some pots will get tipped soon to let the water drain more quickly from them. This will keep the moisture controllable and not cause root damage. Be sure to no let water sit long in your pots. Place a block under one side of the pot allowing gravity to pull the water. Rotate to block to the other side in a few days to continue the draining. On trees that may be in need of re-potting, I pull them out of the heavy rain. Thankfully I only have one in that condition that was going to get new soil the week, but alas, the rains came.


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