President’s Day 2016

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You know it is a great day when you pop out of bed on a holiday and run for the woods, well, in this case the trees on the patio.  Today, I needed to accomplish the re-potting of the my Sierra Juniper. I have had this tree for about 6 years and it began as not a very interesting stick. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Master Mitsuya on its initial styling into a weeping design. It has been maintained that way every sense. Back budding has not been very successful so I tend to allow foliage to develop in the upper branches and then bend them down over the older branches . On a few occasions I have been able to replace bare branches with new dense foliage ones. This year I was also able to get rid of a heavy underground root because I have managed to develop a great deal of small feeder roots. That made me happy.

Sierra Juniper after re=potting
Sierra Juniper after re=potting
Sierra Juniper before re-potting.
Sierra Juniper before re-potting.

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