Early Spring 2016


The re-potting madness has set in. I am busy cleaning up trees, re-potting and generally getting rid of winter mosses and weeds. This year we have been blessed by rain in California but as I was re-potting trees I was reminded why we must water our plants anyway. Some of the root mass was too dry. These drier roots got a bath of VF-11 and water while they awaited a new pot. I managed to make it through a number of shimpaku that are still somewhat dormant but beginning to green up. Cleaning and taking wire off trees was a big focus. I was surprised to see that my maples are already starting to leaf!  Way to early for those.  One of my Shimpaku trees was a convention tree for GSBF Modesto and was originally style in a workshop with Jim Gremel. Nice to see it flushing.WP_20160207_12_39_05_Rich_LI WP_20160207_12_39_22_Rich_LI

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