Winter Redwood Development Updated

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Redwood, Winter - Jan 2013
Redwood, Winter – Jan 2013

Update 4/25/13: Growing season has begun and I have already had to pinch back 3/4 of the length of each new leaf set. Trees are growing fast. I will be updating pictures very soon.

Update 1/2013

Today we look at the winter condition of this redwood. It has been under development now for 3 years.  It was a submerged root that has been allowed now to develop branches above ground. In order to develop the branches on this tree, careful and constant leaf pinching was done throughout the growing season. Every time a new, light green, leaf would develop, the center is pinched back. It must be done before the leaf hardens. Once a leaf hardens no new buds will form halfway along the new stem. So redwood trees require constant work to create the fine branching that looks so natural.

This tree was pinched back in preparation for winter. Now that temperatures have fallen below 40 degrees it is not growing aggressively. Care efforts change to keeping it from freezing, keeping moss under control and monitoring water.

This Spring the tree will fill out again and I will be writing about the pruning process more in depth.

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