Fall Tree Catalog Part 2


Part two of the catalog is primarily tropical, shohin, and mame trees. This is not a complete catalog of all trees but it records the growth and development of specific trees over this past year.

Fall Catalog 2019: Mame Shinpaku
Fall Catalog 2019: Shohin/Mame Olive stump Need much more ramification.
Fall Catalog 2019: Schefflera. It has been gaining trunk size and had aggressive grown. Now cleaned up for winter.
Fall Catalog 2019: Another Shohin Schefflera that will re-potted and have an orientation next Spring.
Fall Catalog 2019: Golden Gate Shohin in training.
Fall Catalog 2019: Ficus Microcarpa has been been in trunk development this year and still working on ramification.
Fall Catalog 2019: Ficus Brutt-Davii has developed nicely this year and has been reduced to Shohin size.
Fall Catalog 2019: Brazilian Raintree has had considerable trunk development this year. I love the fine delicate structure.
Fall Catalog 2019: Ficus Microcarpa Shohin gaining trunk size and more ramification.
Fall Catalog 2019: Ficus, Willow Leaf developing branches this year.
Fall Catalog 2019: New to the collection is this Ficus Benjamina “too little” Just re-potted and orientation change. I will have to watch this carefully over winter.

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