Culmination of a Big Summer Project


This summer we realize a project that has been in our dreams for years. We needed to replace old rotting bonsai benches and need to have more space for the trees.  So, an ex-coworker of mine that retired, started making benches for her own family and I asked if she would be interested in my project. Thanks to Marcella, she took it on and created new benches. We needed to replace old rotting display stands and potting area as well and David worked tirelessly to put a new system in place as well as clean out all the old bark base under the stands. Today we see the project completed. When you have great trees, you should display and grow them in a healthy environment. Now the trees have space not to be crowded with two levels of stands and the larger trees stand on benches on the ends.

Thanks to David and Marcella for making this happen.

New Bonsai benches by Marcella

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