Main show completed but not a time to rest…

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Bonsai show time is a great experience. It is an opportunity to display the results of all the work you put in on your trees.  We spend countless hours every year perfecting the placement of branches, feeding, protecting, watering and then it is story time. Time to tell a story with a tree of hard times or times of plenty. This year I displayed 4 main trees. Three were my own and one juniper not pictured here was from a client whose trees I regularly care for and redesign. I had four other small shohin trees added to the in progress area to inform the pubic of the kinds of things that can be done with tropical bonsai.  The Diamyo Oak is always a crowd favorite because it is not common to see. This years display featured a full tribute to “Boy’s Day” in Japan because of the timing of the show. It consisted of the tree, scroll about the holiday, a warrior doll and even the mochi wrapped in diamyo oak leaves. Yes, you can eat the leaves off my tree, but please don’t 🙂

The Olive saikei is another favorite and it has grown well and evolved this year to a better tree. The boxwood was an in progress display because it was inspired by a demonstration this past year where it was wired and shaped as an oak tree. It is far from that at the moment has changed so much since the last time I showed it that it had return for the education of it.

Just because show this show is over it is  not a time of rest. So many more trees need their turn on development.

kusaFormal2015 DiamyoOak kusaFormal2015 JColive kusaFormal2015 boxwood kusaFormal2015 DaimyoOakDisplay

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