Diamyo Oak 2013

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Diamyo Oak 2013

My Diamyo Oak as presented at the 53rd Kusamura Bonsai Club Annual Show in April 2013. This is a legacy tree, meaning that it was
purchased at auction in 2009 from the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt (BGLM). The tree was started by acorn carried from Japan by a
Pete Sugawara who was a member of Kusamura Bonsai Club in Palo Alto, CA. The tree is over 50 years old and has been on display at
the BGLM, Kusamura Bonsai Club shows and SBKK show in San Mateo. It is always a crowd favorite since it is so unique. It leaves have
a large lobe but the tree can be defoliated once a year to create a smaller leaf. It displays incredible fall color.

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