From a Cutting – to a Tree


This little client trees has been developing from a cutting for the past 8 years. It has developed a considerable root mass and significant foliage to begin to style. The grow pot it was in is not a good container so we went of to Japantown in San Jose to get something more fitting.

The foliage was thick and considerable material was gathered in the branch crotches and of course growing the in the wrong directions. I cut the tree back to main branches and then wired them. Some of the wire is major structural wire to bend the larger branches. Small beginner shari have been created on the trunk in areas were the trunk needs to look less flat. Those will scar nicely in the coming year and be extend later.

Client tree, from cutting, 8 years old. Tree has been growing and developing a nice base and some stronger branches over the years.
Client Tree, Shimpaku, from cutting 8 years old. After styling and re-potting.
Client Tree, Shimpaku, from cutting. Nice tight root ball has formed.

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