Month: April 2017

Earth Day and the Art of Bonsai

I am celebrating Earth Day today by enjoying the trees gathered in my collection. Enjoying their beauty and their contribution to the planet. So many people live in hermetically sealed apartments and home with no lawn or garden, no trees and maybe a postage stamp of grass. In Bonsai we work to preserve nature and

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A Lovely Day in April

It is a lovely humid day in April here in Santa Clara, CA. So I could not resist spending some time with the trees. It is  that time of year to check on trees for pests, halt aggressive growth and to clean out dense growth. The boxwood got mot of the attention. Tropical trees are

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2017 Spring Cleaning

Today was the perfect day to clean up the garden, shed winter, and prepare trees for the sunny part of the day. Everything was moved, cleaned of weeds and debris, rotated and staged for placements. The weed base under the stands had to be sprayed with weed killer this week. I had a runaway accent

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