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Not a Typical Year – a Lost Summer

This past year has been challenging: bonsai Interrupted and entire growing season lost, bonsai trees dying inside the apartment during the construction project, construction on the exterior of the apartment was/is horribly managed by property owners, personal physical issues that has kept me from doing many regular activities, painting spaces lost due to material being

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May 2022 Tree Rehab

A friend of mine wanted to be sure to have a presence at an upcoming show at the end of the month. She is not able to do much care so this is a labor of love. The trees were in some disrepair and require multiple stages of cleanup. Day one clean up is done

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March in The Private Reserve

It is already March 2022 and the temperatures have once again been all over the place. Some trees are now in full Spring push mode, leaves and blossoms abound. Some repotting tasks still remain but night time temps in the upper 30s has slowed that some. First up is the new Buckeye to the collection.

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It is Almost Christmas 2021

As Christmas approaches, the rains have come to California in force. It has not rained so much in years here and we are starting to make up ground in the drought. The bonsai love it. I see buds setting on so many different species; that is a little disconcerting, as the coldest time of year

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June Tropical Work

This morning I awoke and had my mind set on re-potting some of my tropical trees in new pots that I acquired from auctions this year. A few of the pots were made by Iana Glushach. I love her style of pot and I have been working to collect a select few from the Facebook.

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