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Winter Demands Seasonal Tree Attention

The day after Thanksgiving here and taking time do some house keeping and preparation. The tree benches all need rearranged for winter. Trees going dormant move down and trees needing continued winter sun and cold hardy move up. I always do this in stages. Pulled trees before the rain starts for re-potting. These candidates will

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A Special Fall 2019 Revisit

I purchased a Ficus from Brussels Nursery in the early Summer with the intent of using it for several demonstrations this year.  It was an old tree that was greenhouse grown and put to the side. It will take some years and some special grafting to make this tree a spectacular one, but it is

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Fall Tree Catalog Part 2

Part two of the catalog is primarily tropical, shohin, and mame trees. This is not a complete catalog of all trees but it records the growth and development of specific trees over this past year.

Fall Tree Catalog Part 1

Every so many years, I start a project of cataloging my collection to show how a tree has advanced or declined. All of the trees featured here have been in earlier posts and most have been in my development for a decade now. There are a few exceptions.

Is It September Already

Fall is pushing in on the garden these days but we, here in northern California, are in the throws of a heat wave. Back into the 90’s we go.  Some trees are still thriving like crazy this time of year while others have slowed down considerably.   So what I have been doing for the past

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Summer Olive Blow Out and Clean Up

This time of year, I pay considerable attention to the olives in my collection. I have let them blow out their aggressive growth twice this year; Spring and Summer. The pushes of growth generate a huge amount of leaves and long spikes of growth that strengthen the tree. I even reworked a small olive I

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Summer Boxwood Work

Boxwood can be one of my favorite trees to work on. I enjoy the leaves, bark and trucks. They are also a tree I caution students on because of the amount of work they can take. I only collect and work on one of these in my own collection. I would never have more than

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Something About That Pot!

In February, at an auction in Oakland, CA I bid on a tree near the end of the auction. It was not that interesting of a tree mind you but the pot was a completely different story. When at an auction it is important to look at all aspects of the item up for bid.

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