Olive Overhaul Project Day 1

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Christine W. got this wonderful olive stump at the GSBF convention workshop in Sacramento a year ago this weekend. So in honor of that special time, we set a date to take on the project and carve it to distinction. First issue was the the sheer height of the tree. It could not fit in any current vehicle so a height reduction was required. Also, the taper at the top was a real design challenge because, essentially, there was none.

Original Olive front from the convention workshop.

We began our team work with David M, Christine W, and  myself. We needed to establish the front view and then find a natural apex. The apex was easy because convenient foliage was available. The big saw came out and thanks to David’s skill he managed to reduce the top within range where we could still have some to carve. After several batches of stump removal with the saw we stopped and and said, more. So we spent considerable time removing chucks of the trunk until we found a shape to work with.


Then each of us took to the dremel and DeWalt carving tools to get a design on the tree. This continues for over 4 hours. When working this kind of wood, I like to take it in batches, look at what the wood is offering and go at it again. David and I each had a vision and Christine yet another so we took time communicating all those plans and executed them.

David M. and Jerry working to reduce the height of the tree.
David M. begins carving the backside of the Olive.
I get in there with the carving tools and make some wood fly.
David M. Continues working on the back while I sit and contemplate the initial side carvings.
Christine W. looks over the initial carving and bids us go much further and of course we did.
David opening up the back.
It takes a lot of team work and long periods working the carving tools. Best to sit on the bench and get busy.
This was the original back of the olive before carving began.
Christine and David working in tandem with dueling carving tools.










































The end of day 1 work shows a tree artfully carved and still in need of refinement. Now the wood can rest a bit, the tree regain some energy and we can go at it again in the future.

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