Planning for a June 2017 Show Proves Challenging

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Kusamura Bonsai Club usually has its annual show in April when temps are cooler and trees are at their Spring finery. This year; however, the show is June 24/25. It just so happens that the temperatures in the unpredictable California weather pattern this year have gone over 100 degrees for several days. Trees take that hard in some cases and stop growing. I got home from work today to find soil temperatures over 90 degrees in the shade.I can only ponder what it was while they sat in the sun. So, obviously, pour on the water and cool those pots down and lessen the stress on the trees. Still there is foliage on trees I will show that are just suffering and wilting in the heat. On Wednesday this week I will need to bring the show trees indoors to keep the foliage it the temps remain so high.

The tropical trees love this weather. As you can see in the images that some are running away and having  fun. The pepper tree is blooming to create those lovely spicy kernels,the brazilian raintree is starting to sing the all the ficus are robust as always now. All this join while my boston ivy for show looks like it is weeping with sadness. Hope it can come back in the cool shade inside for a few days.

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