Last of the Summer Re-Potting Done for 2018

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Nice hot day here in Santa Clara. I had re-potted most of the tropical trees before a demo I recently concluded. Now it was time for the final ficus and the last of the summer trees.  The Ficus Microcarpa Shohin is one of my prized tropical trees. It has been in the little shohin pot for a few years now and gone to show this year. It has been putting on prolific growth this year and I wanted to develop a more advanced nebari and root mass. In order to do that I needed to up-pot the tree to a bigger pot. I will lose some of the ramification and leaf size reduction initially as it grows back in but I can work that back and shape it over the next year.

Ficus Microcarpa Shohin: full canopy along-side a new pot for growth.







The root mass was thick and full. Below is the before and after root pruning images:

Ficus Microcarpa Shohin: Root mass need more development. This view shows the original after removal from the shohin size pot.
Ficus Microcarpa Shohin: Working to remove the large build up of fused roots in the bottom. This will make more room for new roots in the pot.











The tree is to develop a new nebari so it is secured in the pot to ensure it doesn’t rock or move. This will ensure new fine roots will not be disturbed.

Ficus Microcarpa Shohin: Caged for tie-in using bamboo chopsticks. I want to redevelop the root mass so locking it in in firm.









Finally the ficus is watered in and rest to grow again.

Ficus Microcarpa Shohin: Finished re-potting. Watered from above it is now sitting beside the tray of water to keep the humidity level high. Here in California we have to provide that resource. Also, found an areal root developing on this one. It has been a while since I have had those develop.













Last tree to re-pot was another Calliandra Tweedii, Firebush. This one was potted differently from the first. I am testing the bare rooting process on this one. I will watch it carefully as its after care may be different from the previous tree.

Last Firebush re-potted for its first placement into a bonsai pot. This was was nearly bare rooted as a test to see how it performs.

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