2018 Kusamura Bonsai Show Prep

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It is show time next weekend so there is a lot of final cleanup and show display stand testing. We preset all the trees with a stand so we know we have the correct ones for the display. Not too large, not too small, the correct color, correct tree placement. As usually I do not have all the perfect stands…. This means beg and borrow where needed. That is what we do in a club; share and share again.  Nice to have trees going to show that have never been there before.

2018 Show Prep: Boxwood
2018 Show Prep: stand 1 Silverberry
2018 Show Prep: Stand 2 Silverberry
2018 Show Prep: Shohin display
2018 Show Prep: Sierra Juniper

1 comments on “2018 Kusamura Bonsai Show Prep”

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