Later January: Yet More Re-potting Projects


Here is late January I needed to re-pot a client black pine. The original pot was just too tight so I was off to Japantown to get a new one. The idea was to create more room for finer roots and provide some more space in the pot. Although I would normally use a rectangle I opted for this oval. In the re-potting I found old river sand from the original soil mix near the trunk. I was able to remove that and create drainage areas for near the trunk.

Client Tree: Black Pine. Weaker than it should be, it is scheduled to re-pot soon.
Client Black Pine re-potting













Also today, I took on the Daimyo Oak re-potting as the buds were beginning to set. It had been it its original show pot for many years and I wanted decrease depth and increase the horizontal root area. The new Jim Gremel pot was a perfect choice.

Daimyo Oak: I was surprised by the abundance and strength of the root development in 3 years.
Daimyo Oak: Working on the vigorous root growth.
Daimyo Oak: New Jim Gremel pot setting up nicely.
Daimyo Oak: At home in its new Jim Gremel pot.








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