2017 Fall into Winter


It has been a very colorful year in Santa Clara. We normally do not get to enjoy such color in our trees where I live. As the leaves are now falling from all the neighborhood maples, liquid amber and such I settling into a different mindset. The year comes to and end. Most of the growing seasons concludes. Cold weather protection will be needed for the tropical trees and the Brazilian Raintree is already in the house under its grow light for the length of the winter.

Daimyo Oak in full fall color has now gone and been defoliated for the winter.
Closeup of the final colors of 2017. Glorious this year.
Today’s view of the Boston Ivy, finally making its true colors known.

This is a time of reflection, a time of endings with the promise of new beginnings. I will eagerly await the renewal both in trees, spirit, and heart.

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